STRIP Cleansing Liquid

STRIP detox products by COVERT LABS has a entire line of detox products sold over the internet and through stores across the country. They have 5 products; 3 pill/capsule based detox products and 2 liquid drinks.

Strip Cleansing Liquid 6.4 oz and 32 oz –  Falls into the quick flush catagory, not as effective as herbal cleansers are. This product also contains Cascara Sagrada which is a bowel stimulant. So beware if you plan on taking it, you will need to have quick access to the toilet. This product comes in 2 flavors; grape and punch.

The pills and capsules have a minimum amount of herbs in them, making them more of a pre-cleanser good for those looking for a modestly good cleansing product that can be combined with a healthy eating and detox regime.

The STRIP official website does offer a product replacement if you are not happy with their product. They do not offer a money back guarantee.

COVERT LABS also offers an outline for a weekly detox which should be used before you take their product.

We tested The STRIP line of detox and found there products to be moderately effective. For best results while using STRIP plan ahead and follow the detox diet before taking their products. We recommend the STRIP line of detox for those who casual detox users who don’t mind putting the effort into a weekly program.



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