PROTEK Enterprises One Hour Detox Drinks

Protox Extreme is one of the hybrid products popping up in the detox industry. While Protox Extreme escapes falling into the low end body flush category it does not qualify as a top of the line herbal detox. Protox Extreme has many of the ingredients and characteristics of a low end body flush but they have at least made an effort to enhance their formulation by adding small amounts of herbal extracts that include Uva Ursi, Dandelion Root, and Milk Thistle. In our opinion Protox Extreme does not contain enough herbal extracts to help the body detox but from a marketing standpoint they can make the label claim “Fortified with Herbal Extracts”.

Protox Extreme reminds us of some of the first detox drinks to hit the market back in the early nineties. It is thick and syrupy and tastes dreadful. Regarding effectiveness – Protox Extreme is lacking in essential vitamins and contains only enough herbal extracts to support their label claims. There is no guarantee on the packaging or on the website and they do not list the supplement fact panel on their website. All of these factors are considered to be negative.

Conclusion: One Hour Detox Review ranks Protox Extreme one step up from a body flush and quite a few steps down from being a top of the line herbal body cleanser.

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PROTEK Enterprises One Hour Detox Drinks, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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