Herbal Cleanse vs Quick Flush

Choosing an effective one-hour detox can be confusing…what is an herbal cleanse? What is a flush? Is there really a big difference in the two? Knowing the difference between these two can help you to make a more educated and informed decision as to which product is best for you.

Quick Flush:  A quick one-hour flush liquid drink is usually a lower end cleansing product. Made up of water, flavorings and a little creatine. These products are generally sold for a much cheaper price then true one-hour herbal cleansing drinks. The price might be enticing but if you are looking for serious detoxification than these products are not a good choice.


Herbal Cleanser: One-hour detox drinks that are labeled “herbal cleanser” are the better choice for people looking for the true benefits of a one -hour detox drink. Packed with vitamins, minerals and herbals extracts that do a lot more than flush the body. They assist the body in pulling unwanted toxins from the major organs such as the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. These products are usually priced well above the “quick flush” products buy well worth the cost.

Herbs and cleanse and detoxify the body: The most effective herbal extracts used to cleanse the body:

(click on the name of the herb to learn more about it’s healing and detoxification qualities).

Milk Thistle – Cleanses and detoxify’s the liver.

Echinacea Pururea Leaf – Strengthens the immune system, anti-viral, assists the body in detoxification and helps the body fight off harmful toxins.

Dandelion Extract – Used as a remedy for hepatitis C. Stimulates the liver and gallbladder to release toxins. A natural diuretic. Used for centuries to keep the liver clean and healthy.

Apple Pectin – Dietary fiber that helps to bind toxins and expel them from the body.

Burdock Root – Purifies the blood by filtering out toxins. Used medicinally in many cultures to protect the liver from toxins. A mild bitter that stimulates that eases digestion.

Juniper Berry – Detoxifies and flushes the kidneys and liver. Powerful detoxification properties and blood cleanser, digestive aid. Used to fight urinary tract infections.

Turmeric Root – Detoxifies and cleanses the liver, lymphatic system and blood of toxins.

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