Choosing the Most Effective One-Hour Detox provides fair, unbiased reviews and information on the latest and most popular one-hour detoxification drinks. Our site is designed for you to explore the many brands rated by other sites, businesses and forums.

Watch informative videos, see what other people are saying, learn what products really work and read the facts about how to truly cleanse and detoxify your body of unwanted toxins. We have also added an “article”section where we will be posting informative articles on all aspects of detoxification. Look for links to the best books and products to detox and cleanse your body as well as links to statistics and facts from the top health sites in the country… The Center for Disease Control, The American Colon Cancer Society and much more. All information is collected from websites, online eCommerce stores and public forums.

Our goal is to educate and inform the public on the truths and myths of detoxification.

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